Celebrating Freedom

What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

To help you celebrate Independence Day in a meaningful way, these links provide further reading you can enjoy with your family this weekend, store up to use when you study history or social studies in the fall, or print out to read while your children are at their next swim lesson or art camp.

  • The Charters of Freedom – This series of short articles from the National Archives describes the events and documents that led up to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. See what the Founding Fathers’ handwriting looked like in high-quality images of the documents, then read a transcript. The series then looks at the consequences and changes made to these documents in later history.
  • The Flag – Read the section of the U.S. Code explaining how to treat the American flag with respect. Learn how to fold it correctly, how and when to display it, and what to do when you replace one. You may be surprised at some of the regulations that most Americans disregard.
  • July 4th – History.com – The History Channel has a wide range of videos, articles, pictures, and facts about the history of Independence Day. Read about famous men of the Revolution like Thomas Jefferson and George III, big events, and historical documents.
  • Fourth of July is Independence Day – This USA.gov website includes information about the holiday as well as recipes and safety tips for your celebration on Monday. If you and your children enjoy numbers, you might like the Fun Facts page from the U.S. Census Bureau. Love history? The Library of Congress presents Today in History: July 4 about celebrations through the centuries. Musically minded? Learn the story behind Patriotic Melodies like the Star Spangled Banner and My Country ‘Tis of Thee, then print a PDF of the early sheet music and play it together.

Have a great – and safe – holiday weekend!

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