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For all my friends in Classical Conversation, especially those in Challenge III and Challenge IV, I have exciting news. Bryan College and Classical Conversations have formed a partnership to offer dual enrollment for Challenge III and IV students. We are excited to announce this new program – Classical Conversations Plus.

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Over the years of speaking with families about Challenge, I’ve always said Challenges III and IV require the study of fewer texts because students of that age are no longer confined to home and need to be working, serving, and building resumes. One way to build an academic resume is to add a few college courses. Unfortunately, most of our students pursue this path through community colleges rather than private Christian colleges. Often this ends up undoing all the parents’ previous efforts to establish a Christian worldview. By partnering with Bryan College, a Christian college in Dayton, Tennessee, we want to help CC families earn recognition for their hard work. Families will save money by earning credits before enrolling in college full-time. Most importantly, students will receive additional Christian training that affirms that they are made in God’s image.

When some of the CC leadership visited Bryan College, we really loved the professors we met. We could have talked literature and math and worldview all day together. Professor Sample, who will offer our students online and phone support for American History, is just the kind of man I want my William to learn from. Dr. Lestman understood the principles supporting math concepts and the need to bring our children from being problem chasers to becoming math thinkers. Dr. Raymond Legg understands the importance of citation and author’s intent as well as loving words. He was just delightful and talks classically naturally.

I know that Bryan in Tennessee is far away from many of you. Should this work out, we’ll look for opportunities to find great professors to introduce your children to throughout the region. My dream has been that students go to college to hang out with colleagues – specific people who will disciple them and students who will challenge them as they grow in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior – rather than an expensive diploma with an institute attached.

I’m looking forward to watching our network of like-minded individuals continue to grow!

Love, Leigh

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