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This summer, while Leigh! @ Lunch is on vacation, we will still upload occasional interviews about upcoming events and opportunities. The first of these interviews, “Mandala Fellowship Conversation,” is now available. Listen as Caleb Skogen, Matt Bianco, and Leigh sit down to discuss an exciting new program that Classical Conversations will launch in 2013. (Click on the title to listen to the show now.) Follow along below with links and notes from the show.

Ongoing events

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Notes from the show

  • The Mandala Fellowship will be a 10-month residential program in Moore County, North Carolina for students ages 18-21. Starting in June of 2013, twenty-four young adults (twelve men and twelve women) will be invited to participate in the first year of the Mandala Fellowship. They will work and study as a community as they investigate the Quadrivium.
  • The Quadrivium completes the remaining four of the seven liberal arts. It includes arithmetic (how numbers work), geometry (how shapes work), harmonics (how numbers move in space), and astronomy (how shapes move in space). Andrew Kern of the CiRCE Institute described this in greater detail on an earlier Leigh! @ Lunch.
  • Psalm 96:6 provides the program’s statement of mission and purpose.  A guiding question will be, “How do the complexities of the creation converge with the unity of our faith?”
  • We use the image of the mandala, from the Sanskrit word for “circle”, because it refers to the convergence of complexity and unity. One example is the early diagrams of the harmony of the stars in Johannes Kepler’s 1609 New Astronomy (De motib. stellae Martis). Listen from 30:00 to 34:04 to hear why we have chosen these (often misunderstood) terms.
  • The fellowship is not a gap program for students who are not yet ready for college, or a preparatory program, or a graduate program. It is an opportunity for young people to get together without the burden of credits and assessment to contemplate as Scripture calls us to do.
  • The fellowship will combine active studying of the Quadrivium arts—music in theory and practice, mathematics, and astronomy in theory and observation—with internships, service projects, and travel experiences.
  • The annual Mid-Atlantic Star Party in Robbins, N.C. (Moore County) draws people from all over the world because of the ideal conditions for looking at the nighttime skies. This will be a regular event for the Mandala Fellows.
  • A two-week European tour is planned for August and will be included in the cost of tuition. In the fall, students will hike 17 miles down the Appalachian Trail. They will take a ski trip during the winter. At the end of the term, we will invite parents and members of the community for a Mandala Celebration of the students’ accomplishments, including art and music projects.
  • The first group of students will be chosen by December 31, 2012, so students should begin the application process early. Information will be available soon at MandalaFellowship.com. For now, email CustomerService@classicalconversations.com with questions or to request an application. The most important qualification will be the student’s desire and willingness to learn.
  • The cost of the program will be $15,000 for the year, which will include housing, meals, travel, tuition, and most supplies and books.

Thanks for listening!

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