News of the Day 8/26

  • Whiz Kid: Maddy Kouvolo
    Celebrate with one of our eight-year-old Memory Masters!
  • Homeschool program under way
    Read about one of our newest CC programs in Little Elm.
  • VIDEO: ‘Doing the Right Thing’ with Chuck Colson
    Acton: September 24, tune in to a live webcast about the ethical crisis our country faces and what’s to be done about it.
  • The Gospel and the Oncology Waiting Room
    Ligonier Ministries: “Through cancer clinics, God brings the significance of the present and the weight of glory to bear on us in ways unlike anything else. Few things, by God’s grace, capture the mind and the heart like an oncology waiting room.”
  • The Education of a Child is a Sacred Activity
    CiRCE: “…educating a child is not merely a mundane and functional activity related to a merely profane world.”
  • Work as Worship
    Acton: “By placing almost sole emphasis on Bible study, worship attendance, and giving/tithing — the churchly aspects of discipleship — churches have in effect diminished the importance of everyday, temporal Christian living.”
  • New: Free Audio Library
    Check out this new resource from the CiRCE Institute.
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