News of the Day 9/16

    Check out this new website, sponsored by the CiRCE Institute, collecting the writings of classical bloggers around the nation. I’m excited to be included.
  • Video: ‘Doing the Right Thing’ with Chuck Colson
    Tune in for the live webcast on September 24th! “The discussion transcends spirituality and politics, asking “How should we act?” based on our common human nature.”
  • Ron Paul Was Right
    Commentator Cal Thomas responds to Monday’s Republican presidential debate: “If we want smaller government, we will have to pick up the slack. Helping change another life for the better may be the most satisfying work we do on Earth. It is part of my own ethic and I can testify to the satisfaction it has given me. Make it a fad and it could become a trend. Ron Paul’s answer, which to some sounded crass, might prove itself to be the ultimate in compassion.”
  • The Great Recovery
    Read about Dave Ramsey’s plan for bottom-up financial recovery: “The Great Recovery is a grassroots movement spread by people who are tired of looking to Washington for answers. The truth is that the government can’t fix this economy. It’ll be restored one family at a time, as each of us takes a stand to return to God and grandma’s way of handling money.”
  • Thousands of Arizona children are being homeschooled
    Includes interviews with several prominent CC moms in AZ: “Parents know their children better than anyone knows their children,” said [Diana] Hayes, a former private-school teacher. “And they can speak to that through educating them at home and identifying their interest and teaching to their child’s style of learning.”
  • Jobs Act Usurps Liberty, Christian Charity
    The Acton Institute weighs in on the question “if not government, then who?”: “In the mean time, who takes care of those who live “week to week” and “day to day?” Private institutions, of course (see Acton’s Principles for Budget Reform): churches and local charities and other groups that are equipped to provide assistance in less than 14 months.”
  • The Homeschool Truth
    A high school freshman blogs about her encounters with homeschool stereotyping: ‘My personal favorite response happened a while ago. Some random woman asked my mother in shock: “How will they learn to wait in line?”’
  • Saving Leonardo
    Book review from Ligonier Ministries: “Unlike some studies of culture through the eyes of Christian faith, Pearcey’s maintains respect for the humanity of painters, musicians, and writers.”
    (Listen to my interview with Nancy Pearcey here.)
  • Teaching the Iliad as a Living Text with Living Ideas
    From CiRCE, perfect for Challenge IV tutors and parents: “You could also ask, straightforwardly and repeatedly, “Why is Achilles so angry?” Another way to phrase that would be, “What did Agamemnon take from him? Why does that matter so much?” And bingo, now you can talk about kleos, and time, and athanatos (glory, honor, and immortality)…”
  • Colson on Classical Ed
    Watch this video, in which Christian leader Chuck Colson reflects on the importance of natural order in education.
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