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Coalition Letter: Conservatives Oppose H.R. 1, The Ultimate Fantasy Of The Left – Independent Women’s Forum

Conservatives are united in opposing H.R. 1, the attempt by House and Senate Democrats to fundamentally undermine the American electoral system. We further oppose any effort to modify budget reconciliation rules to pass this legislation.

While they cloak the bill in terms of “restoring democracy” and “preventing corruption,” the legislation has one goal: to protect incumbents, at the expense of the First Amendment, federalism, and individual voter integrity.

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I Wasn’t a Christian When I Started Homeschooling

When we began homeschooling our sons in 1984, neither my husband nor I were Christians, but we valued academics and loved the idea of raising life-long learners. Thanks to the intense love I received from other homeschooling moms early in our journey, I gave my life to Christ when our oldest sons were preschoolers and did my best to grow in Christ right alongside my children. From the start, it was clear that a firm foundation in Christ and the accountability of a supportive community were essential to our success – not only as homeschoolers, but also as a family.

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Choosing Your Child’s Education

One of the many unexpected consequences of the events of this year has been the heightened awareness of the issue of educational choice. Leigh Bortins, a homeschooling expert and founder of the curriculum company Classical Conversations, has been encouraging parents for years to take the reins when it comes to their children’s education and consider the options available. I spoke to her recently about those options.

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Classical Educations can be ‘Core’ for All

These days women get more bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees than men do, and yet, many women don’t feel up to the task of educating their own children.

Never mind that we live in a country where women are brain surgeons, CEOs and presidential candidates. Schooling is best left to professional educators, moms have been told, so pack the kids onto the school bus and leave the rest to the real experts.

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Answering the Call to Homeschool

As many parents trepidatiously dip their toes in the homeschooling waters this year, veteran homeschoolers are watching and cheering, knowing that so many children are about to experience newfound freedom in their education and life.

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